Friday, 17 August 2007

P is for ... Pedro

Word(s) of the Day: Those things that some people call "shrimps" are called "prawns" in Australia. "Don't come the raw prawn with me" has nothing to do with food - it means don't try to hoodwink me with whatever was being spoken of. It's not a saying I use myself!

P is for Pedro, my son, six foot five, 38 years old, No. 1s over the head, widow's peak and goatee - I hate goatees. I think he looks like a bikie! He is a gentle, caring man and father of Ms 11 and Master 7. Speaking of whom - Ms 11 applied for, and has been accepted into, one of the schools of creative and performing arts for her high schooling. She starts next year. I am delighted for her - she applied for two different places and I was worried that her self-esteem would be badly damaged if she wasn't accepted into one - but she gained entry to both - so much for Grandma's anxiety.

P is for plague - that flea plague is not getting any better - again, many, many hits looking for information on, and photos of - "f*l*e*a*b*i*t*e*s" - my sitemeter page comes up with all these advertisements for flea control products too. Most of the searches seem to be from the USA.

Encycopedia of Me Meme .. O is for ....

O is for oranges - I love juicy navel oranges, but don't like Valencia oranges which are widely grown in Australia. When our own navels finish, I buy California navels - but I'm beginning to think about the carbon footprint now .... O is for Ohhhhhhh!

O is for the colour orange - I love it - the burnt orange kind, or the apricot kind, but not bright orange. Orange is not a colour I can wear, but I still love it.

O is for - ordinary people - like you and me - ordinary people who have extraordinary lives and talents if we bother to scratch the surface and get to know them and - if they will let us.

O is for opportunity - it's not always to recognise an opportunity when it comes along, especially when we're bogged down in "just living". I don't know whether there really is a Chinese proverb that says " in every crisis are the seeds of opportunity" - but it is true - mostly. Crisis can make us strong if we can learn from the experience; crisis can cause us to take paths and follow directions that we may not ever have considered. I say mostly, because my heart goes out to those who are in the middle of war, famine, persecution/abuse, or suffering from a severe mental illness. Sometimes crisis is just crisis with no up side.

Carson and Roxie have both commented on some of the Australian/American language comparisons that I have been making. So each post I'll give an idiomatic Australian word or expression for your delight (or horror!). By the way, I am spelling "Encyclopedia" that way only for the purposes of the "Encycopedia of Me Meme" We all know that the correct spelling is "encyclopaedia" don't we? - it's just those people from that large northen land mass who can't spell!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Encycopedia of Me Meme - N is for Nancy

When I was child I had a celluloid doll called "Nancy". I loved that doll. Then I got an N is for "new" little brother who reached the teething stage, and HE BIT Nancy's nose, leaving her permanently disfigured. I was extremely upset and never felt the same attachment to Nancy after that. Talk about a shallow, fickle, unfeeling child! Just as well no-one bit Grandpa Flea on the nose - I might have left him out in the rain!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Encyclopedia of Me Meme - M is for ... Me

In case you haven't noticed, my avatar has put on a lot of weight ... just like ME. She also has new glasses ... just like Me. She has also changed out of her jammies and gone to the beach, as the weather became so hot we all thought the winter was over a month before it should have been. But yesterday, it suddenly became icy again and today I've been shivering around in a J is for jumper.

Encycopedia of Me Meme - L is for Laughs!

I am still L for laughing about the number of hits on this blog over the last week or so. There really must be a f-l-e-a plague, especially in the USA - of the hits that I can identify, 35 of the last 48 on this blog have been searches for information on f-l-e-a b-i-t-e-s and most of those are from the USA. The Ancient One has commented that her local school in eastern NC (is that North Carolina?) has been closed because of a plague of the afore-mentioned creatures. I'm frightened to use the word as I feel quite bad that poor itchy people are being diverted from their quest. I have, in fact, much experience with those pesky, little hoppers. We have had dogs over the years and periodically would have to resort to letting off f-l-e-a bombs in the house. In fact, when my kids were younger, it was a great boredom buster to search the dogs for the unmentionables. It was always a family saying for fat little tummies after meals that "I could crack a fl** on that tummy" - the children would race around to Grandpa Flea and shout "Crack a fl**" and present their bare tummies for a tickle. It's become a family tradition and currently little Ms 5 likes to have a fl** "cracked" on her tummy.

Roxie has asked in response to "J is for ..", what we call the "hood" of the car - well, here we call it the "bonnet" and the "jockey box"/"glove compartment" is the "glove box". I guess you already know that your "trunk" is our "boot". I read a book called "Trunk Music" - "Boot Music" doesn't have quite the same ring, does it - sounds a bit like line dancing! (i.e. boot scooting).

Which reminds me, L is also for line dancing. I tried to learn line dancing last year, but my spatially challenged brain came into operation again. Whenever we had to do the turn bit, I'd end up facing a whole room of people .... I may try it again one day, as it's good exercise.