Monday, 26 March 2007

Here's looking at you ....

I can't believe it's over a week since I last posted. We have listed our house for sale again and life has been very busy. I have also had a bad knee - for months - but why go to the doctor when you're in pain? Eventually the chiropracter referred me back to the GP and after x-rays and an MRI I now know I have a Baker's cyst behind the knee which has ruptured - perhaps if I'd had the sense to go to the GP a year ago it might have resolved by now. Fortunately it is improving but I have to wear an elastic bandage thing that keeps rolling over and cutting off my circulation - what do they say about the cure being worse than the disease? We have also had a couple of days off-line after a blackout the other night.

I missed Saturday sky and am in advance of Wildlife Wednesday as we leave in the morning (Tuesday here) for a trip to Ballina with Grandpa Flea's Probus club. We'll be back Sunday, late, but I'll post a Saturday sky next Monday (I hope).

I will miss the possums when we move - I've been fiddling with GPa Flea's camera and having fun. This possum was awake the other day, just lazily peeping out from his house. I can't get Blogger to put the hand and eye alongside each other - probably because they are different sizes - you'll have to use your imagination.We had a visit from a pair of King Parrots during the week - they are very shy birds and hard to catch on camera - the male is much more brightly coloured than the female - who heard the beep of the camera and declined to be photographed!

I disturbed a baby gecko when I was moving some pots outside. We often used to have these inside our house, but when we painted the dark brick walls a cream colour, they moved outside - easier to blend in with the surroundings. The first time I disturbed one of the bigger geckos, it barked at me! It was happily ensconced under a cane basket full of toys in the children's room (40 years ago) - I'd never seen one in the house before and didn't know that they could bark - what a fright.

When will there be some knitting content on this blog? Your guess is as good as mine! I have finished one legging for my grand-daughter; done half the front of a jumper for another GD; knitted a lot of spare cotton into dusters and wash-cloths - straight knitting is all I'm really capable of, at present.; finished a Noro garter stitch scarf for Sue at Cherryhills; and ignored Eloise for the eldest Flea. I have to pack some knitting to take tomorrow so may give Eloise a whirl. One day I'll post some knitting photos - promise.

Thank you everyone for your comments - I'll respond when we get home on Sunday.