Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Day 37 - It's Raining - Leeches!!

A couple of hours ago thunder and lightning started and then came the rain! Not a lot, but it wet the ground and rainwater seems to revive plants in a way that chlorinated water doesn't. Along with the rain came the leech - since we have had so many possums around, we have been getting the odd leech in the house when it rains (that's the only reason I can think of to explain 35 years or so without a leech and an influx since we've had possum boxes around). Grandpa Flea has just had a tiny one on his wrist, and is bleeding like the proverbially "stuck pig". Ah, the joys of wild life ...

Knitting group today at Cherryhills - it was good to see the group again and to catch up on what has been knitted over January. I came home with three balls of Zara in a pale blue to knit a baby jacket from Pipsqueaks (a Rowan book) - I was going to post a photo from the book - but can't find it! And I wanted to cast on tonight! My chiropracter is having her first baby and I want to have it finished for her before she goes on leave. Guess I'll have to battle Annie Blatt a bit longer. I love Pipsqueaks - I have knitted so many things from it over the last five or six years.

I was roving around the internet tonight and made a terrible discovery - Grumperina and The Knitting Curmudgeon ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON! My apologies to each of you. I have removed the offending reference. I was sure that I had read in Grumperina's blog somewhere that she had posted previously under the other name - I was devastated when The Knitting Curmudgeon seemed to disappear from the internet and had a bit of trouble reconciling the two writing styles when she "reappeared" under another name - okay, so someone now tell me they are the same person and I can feel doubly foolish!!

My apologies again.

Monday, 5 February 2007

Day 36 - Knitting Groups Start Again - Yay!

First day back at the Guild and for the first time for months I was looking forward to it. I haven't been for quite a while as I haven't been enjoying it. The group at Cherryhills starts up again this week too and I'm REALLY looking forward to that - there's always something new to see, feel, try on, read - and it's good fun.

Everywhere I go I look for the local knitting shops - sound familiar to you? And whenever they agree, I take photos or get a photo taken in there, so I'm very generously sharing them (?boring you) with you! This is a photo taken in Victoria, Vancouver Island at The Beehive Store. For some reason the link won't work: "FORBIDDEN" was the stern reply - if you don't already know it, I'm sure you can google it. This was a wondrous store, stacked with yarn. I bought a skein of Fiesta in African Violet there. It wasn't available in Australia then, but now my LYS has it - and I keep drooling over it, and one day - soon (after I knit all my stash up - ha! ha!) - I'm going to get some more.

I haven't done much knitting other than wrestle with Annie Blatt.
Janette assures me that the pattern has suffered in translation, but I'm not too sure about that - I've had these problems with English patterns too - but then, we speak Australian here - maybe that's it!

We had a busy weekend and I got lots of kisses and hugs from Ms 4 during her sleepover and Sunday we had some friends over for lunch at 12.00 noon. They left at 8:00pm so that's why nothing got done in the knit department. Last night we put some of the scraps out for the birds and the possums. (We don't do it on a regular basis so they don't become dependent on us.) And just for Roxie we had a visit from a small glider possum. They have a wide fat flat tail and a flap of skin between their front and rear legs which acts as a parasail? when they glide between the trees. This particular glider is quite large - usually two of them are on the tray together and they still have lots of space. They are cute little things, and it's always a relief to find that they are still around, as a lot of the bushland around here is being cleared for housing.

I'm off to bed - this broadband thing just means instead of sitting around for hours getting frustrated, I sit around for hours making typos and looking at blogs - Grandpa Flea is no fool - he told me I'd be going to bed at 1:00 am - again.